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American Specialty Coffee, supplies Gourmet Coffee Houses throughout the Southeast. With our high value, Specialty Coffee related products, as well as Service and Maintenance support on espresso machines and coffee brewing equipment, American Specialty is here to meet your needs. Don't forget about our expert Consulting and Barista Training in our state of the art Repair and Training facility.

Whether you are just starting a coffee shop, or have been in the business for years, we have everything you need, right here.

Espresso Machines –You need a high quality espresso machine to operate a profitable Coffee House! American Specialty Coffee Represents the finest Italian made espresso machine manufactures in the world.
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Coffee Brewing Equipment –Brew the coffee that will keep customers coming back for more! Our Coffee Brewers brew the perfect cup of coffee, every time. And because we carry only the best, you can be confident that you are purchasing the brands the industry trusts most.
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Espresso & Coffee Griders – Everyone knows that freshly ground beans brew a better cup of coffee. While most grinders pulverize coffee beans into small pellets, BUNN grinders actually shave the beans, allowing for maximum flavor extraction during the brewing cycle.
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Wholesale Coffee – Is your business in the Southeast region? Then don't forget to check out our wholesale program! Click the Wholesale Coffee link for more information.
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