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La Cimbali is a name synonymous with coffee bars worldwide. La Cimbali is the world leader in the production of commercial coffee machines, which are exported to more than 100 different countries. From the expansive café machines to their logo on espresso cups in Rome, there is a reason La Cimbali is a worldwide favorite. When you've been in business since 1912, you know coffee.
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"For music-Puccini for art-Bernini for espresso-Pasquini." The Pasquini family has been proving their passion for espresso since 1956. Their hard work and dedication has paid off, making Pasquini a popular favorite with coffee enthusiasts everywhere. Their line of commercial style espresso machines are known for their ability to captivate the eye as well as produce unforgettable espresso.
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Quality is illy's obsession from cultivation to consumption. illy has carried out in-depth studies into the components of coffee aroma and compounds responsible for flavor and the sensory appreciation of coffee. When you spend over 70 years perfecting the perfect cup of Italian espresso coffee -it shows.
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