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Electrical Pre-Installation Requirements

OVERVIEW: Your LaCimbali espresso machine is powered by a very high wattage heating element and other internal electrical components, such as built-in pumps, electronic boards, grinders, etc. It is these high wattage components that combine to define the operating capacity of your machine. Essentially, the higher the wattage, the higher the capacity of the machine. In nearly every LaCimbali equipment model, this equates to the necessity of a 208/240-volt dedicated electrical circuit to provide the electrical power necessary to operate your machine. Only the smallest commercial LaCimbali machines operate on standard 120-volt power. In all cases, without exception, electrical wiring is the responsibility of you, our customer. LaCimbali network is neither licensed nor bonded to do any form of electrical wiring work, and our technicians are strictly instructed not to engage in electrical work.

VOLTAGE/AMPERAGE LEVEL: The table on the next page lists the various LaCimbali espresso machine models, and the corresponding voltage, wattage and amperage requirements. You should locate your machine on the table and make certain that your electrical supply is properly set-up and prepared for your installation.

LOCATION OF ELECTRICAL OUTLET: You should take time to plan the physical location of your electrical outlet to supply electricity for your machine. This outlet should be within 3 feet of the machine’s final location; so plan your counter layout accordingly. You may also wish to locate the outlet above or below the countertop level. Should you choose to locate it below the countertop, a hole should be made in your countertop, prior to installation, for the power cord to pass through. If you have purchased a Traditional model espresso machine, you will most likely be using one or two espresso grinders alongside the espresso machine, so make sure you plan a 120V outlet within 3 feet of their final location as well. If you have purchased a Super-Automatic model espresso machine with the automatic milk-frother, you will probably need a Frigomilk (milk refrigeration unit) placed immediately to the left of the espresso machine. This unit requires 120V power at a nominal amperage level, so make sure you plan a 120V outlet within 3 feet of its location as well.  In case you have purchased a Fresh Milk unit placed immediately to the left of the super-automatic machine, please make sure you plan a 208/240V outlet within 3 feet of its location as well.

PLUG/RECEPTACLE: A standard 3-prong grounded outlet is required for all 120V espresso machines and grinders. For 208/240V machines, there are many possible plug/receptacle configurations. Therefore it is critically important that you or your electrician provide both the receptacle (female) and matching plug (male) for the appropriate amperage level of the circuit, in order to assure a matching set. A 3-prong twist-lock style plug/receptacle is most commonly used, such as a NEMA L6-20 for 20 Amp circuits or a NEMA L6-30 for 30 Amp circuits. The installing technician will attach the plug which you will provide to the end of the power cord of the espresso machine, and perform a voltage check prior to plugging-in the machine. Do not plug-in a 208/240V espresso machine without first consulting a qualified LaCimbali technician, as voltage levels vary greatly, and could damage some electrical components in the machine.


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